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Even the slightest concern in your plumbing  can cause damages. It can cost more money to handle and your water may keep stopping up. It hurts the planet just as well from all that waste. Fortunately, we can handle all sorts of functions at C & L Maintenance with regards to your plumbing needs. We can handle such features as:
  • Clogged drain control
  • Pipe and sewer line repairs
  • Draining cleaning
  • Leaky pipes
We believe that all drains need to be cleaned regularly for the best results. These can influence many issues in your home. These include risks like:
  • Damages to your pipes
  • Blockage
  • Leaking joints
  • Root damages
  • Pipes becoming disoriented
The worst thing about these damages is that they can stick in your property for a while and won’t easily go away. For example:
  • Your kitchen drain can become clogged from grease, detergents and other items that can add up on the walls of your pipes. This will cause them to become blocked.
  • The soap and hair in your shower and bath areas can clog your drain. This can keep your shower or bath area from draining properly.
  • The hair that constantly gets in your bathroom sink can also build up around pipes and drains. This may also cause a blockage.
  • A floor drain in your garage or laundry space can become clogged up. The worst part of this is that a clear drain that carries water can keep odors from sticking in an area. Not treating your area can cause odors to become worse.
  • Your outdoor downspouts can be impacted too. They can have leaves and other things from outside get stuck in their drains, thus keeping your downspouts from getting water away from your home.
  • Your sewer lines can be harmed by other people. The debris and other things that they handle can spread. Even local tree roots can damage them.
You will need to get any of these issues fixed if they ever occur. You can contact us if you ever need help with getting any of these problems corrected. Our goal at C & L Maintenance is to see that your property is secured from any serious issues.
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